Do you also offer seating in the restaurant?

No - or at least not yet. BAO-BAE is born to come to your home directly.

With whom do you partner for deliveries?

We want to reach as much homes as we can, so we partner with the most popular delivery companies in

The Netherlands: Uber Eats and Deliveroo

Which areas do you deliver to?

With our kitchen being located in the heart of De Pijp district of Amsterdam, we reach most areas within the ring of the city.

Do you also do take-away?

Lovely idea! Yes we are also open for take away! Just stop by and pick up! Find us at Van der Helstplein 10h!

I received my order but it's damaged, what should I do?

Oh man! We are very sorry to hear that this happened to you! As our delivery partners, UberEats and Deliveroo are responsible for the delivery itself, hence also for the possible damages. We highly suggest you to take a photo of the food you have received.

Uber Eats: You can find more information here https://help.uber.com/en/restaurants/article/managing-refunds-for-missing-or-incorrect-orders?nodeId=9aa57e9b-8bbf-4aa7-91d6-96ca77682dd2

Deliveroo: You can use the Help function in the Deliveroo app or you can contact the company directly at

klantenservice@deliveroo.nl or on +31 88 3354837

Get in touch directly with us: You can also reach us directly at info@deliveryamsterdam.nl and we will redirect you further


For any urgent issue you are obviously very welcome to contact us directly via phone number at 020-7749686.

We hope this is the first and last time this happens to you!


Did not find the answer to your question?

Let us know via info@deliveryamsterdam.nl

We'll be happy to help!


If you are a journalist and would like to write something about us, don't hesitate contacting us at info@deliveryamsterdam.nl

If you are a social media influencer and would like to have a cool collab with us, we are very happy to receive your DM on our Instagram account @baobae.nl